Tarawin only offers the highest quality full care board.  With 24/7 expert care horses are kept happy and healthy with comfortable housing, daily turn-out, and a tailored feed program.  Horses are fed a quality complete feed that may vary depending on the horses individual needs, and o/a hay. Stalls are cleaned twice a day and bedded with clean pine shavings.  Included in Tarawin’s full care program, is veterinary, dental and farrier management further ensuring the complete health of the horse. 



Includes full care board and a customized training program created by Tara designed to meet your specific goals.  Tara has the ability to bring along young horses as well as re-school older hunters, jumpers and dressage horses and ponies.  Whether your horse needs just a few schooling rides or a full training program, Tara will work with you to create a horse who understands his job and is a willing and enjoyable partner. Please contact Tara for current board and training fees.

Tarawin welcomes clients that wish to trailer-In for lessons, training or meet us at the horse shows. 



Tara specializes in hunt seat and equitation for all ages.  Together, we will determine how to best achieve your goal - whether it is to compete at top rated shows or just become a better rider for your horse, Tara will create an individual program based on your objectives.  Children and Adults of any age are welcome at Tarawin.  


Private Lesson $55.00 (approximately 45 min.)
Semi-private Lesson $55.00 (approximately 60 min.) 
*Lesson and Training Discount Packages available for Boarders Only


Private (approximately 45min.) or Semi-Private Lesson (approximately 60 min.):   $65

Off property training/lesson
$15 in addition to lesson fee per rider or horse.  If more than one rider/horse additional fee $10/each.

Haul-in’s welcome

TARAWIN FARM * 15830 COUNTY ROAD 675 * PARRISH, FLORIDA 34219 * 941.400.8964